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Mirror Beverly Crusher |, There are currently no notes for Mirror Beverly Crusher from erickelly AS OF 2020: KellyPlanet Ratings are calculated by considering maximum base skill, a skill's average roll, a skill's maximum possible roll and each skill's average and maximum proficiency.About Gates McFadden, Although suffering her share of life tragedies, Beverly Crusher brings to her work and her relationships a deep-rooted sense of ethics as well as a freshness and good humor that is infectious. Indeed, at times she has served as the glue to hold situations together, while at other times acting as the needler to provoke a necessary reaction or course.Episode 9 is live! : StarTrekTimelines, The MED lock can be crit'd by Sulan, Mirror Beverly Crusher, possibly Apollo (on a very good proficiency roll and some fleet/achievement bonuses), and the Caretaker. Don't know who else. The locked DIP can be unlocked by virtually every five-star DIP primaryStar Trek CCG Reflections, Title Type Description Original Expansion VERY-RARES (46) Alas, Poor Queen Interrupt First Contact Armus - Skin of Evil Dilemma Premiere Assimilate Homeworld Objective First Contact Bareil Antos Personnel - Bajoran . Deep Space Nine Betazoid Gift Box Artifact Premiere Cha'Joh Ship - Romulan,Klingon Class D-12 Scout Vessel Deep Space Nine Cryosatellite Artifact Alternate Universe ...Medicine, Medicine is one of six skills in Star Trek Timelines. Characters with the Medicine Skill The following characters have the Medicine skill. Currently, there are 182/961 Crew with this skill. Note: You may be able to find additional medical crew using the search incategory:"Crew" incategory:"Medicine"..

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Star Trek Novel Verse / Characters, Ascended Extra: He's the baby from "Friday's Child". Bait-and-Switch Tyrant: His initial appearances seemed to build him up as an almighty Jerkass, but once the situation calmed his more reasonable qualities came to the surface. Big Good: Becomes Commander-in-Chief of Starfleet and so is often the one giving Picard, Janeway, Riker, etc, their orders.T'Lenn (mirror), For prime universe counterpart, see T'Lenn. In the mirror universe T'Lenn was a Vulcan female Imperial Starfleet officer who served aboard the ISS Enterprise. She often found herself turning down advances from Will Riker and half the crew of the Enterprise-D. She usually kept to herself and because of this, she built up a friendship with Reginald Barcley, the two of them enjoyed spending time ...Dress Uniform Beverly Crusher |, erickelly notes: The artwork for Dress Uniform Beverly Crusher seems a lot less 'cartooney' than normal. AS OF 2020: KellyPlanet Ratings are calculated by considering maximum base skill, a skill's average roll, a skill's maximum possible roll and each skill's average and maximum proficiency.Sunset, La Forge bemoaned never having seen a rainbow, sunset, or sunrise as Doctor Beverly Crusher administered a hypospray. (TNG: "The Naked Now") In 2365, after studying five distinct sign languages, Data demonstrated his proficiency in the first of ...Fleet GERMAN 5618, Fleet Requirements Captains must be level 60+. Captains must have a minimum daily targets count of 82. Captains must put the fleets [G5618] tag in their name to promote and support the fleet. Captains must join squadrons. Captains must inform their squadron leader if they need to be off from the game for longer than three days. ....

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The Last Talosian | BigCloset TopShelf, The Doctor ran his scanner over the captain, and found the same readings he had found with Beverly Crusher. His mind was active, but he was unresponsive. When the lift reached the bridge, the Doctor stepped off and gazed around.The Experiment (Data x reader), Beverly Crusher Reader Additional Tags: Romance Androids Star Trek: TNG Enterprise Data - Freeform Language: English Stats: Published: 2018-07-09 Updated: 2019-01-09 Words: 29651 Chapters ...

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